Daily Archives: December 22, 2015

#Top25of2015 GymJams #10. HAERTS. Hemiplegia. #gymjam #lift #burn

What We Said Then:

Brooklyn-based HAERTS has a way with melancholy lyrics and breathtaking music. Hemiplegia is no exception. The powerful, building chorus hits you, as does the cautious breakdown of ‘you can’t move up with your eyes down’. From their late 2014 self titles release. While we wait for (hopefully) an official video, let this one be your introduction.

What We Say Now:

Still an amazing song since being posted as an early GymJam in February. Stunning vocals, writing and production. This song just sucks you in…and that’s a good thing. While we never found an official video, check out this live version to show you that HAERTS are legit!


If you like it, check out the buy page to get this track, or our stream page to stream from Spotify.