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#Top25of2016 GymJams #1: EVERY SCAVENGER HUNT TRACK THIS YEAR! #burn #lift #indie

We simply couldn’t pick the best Scavenger Hunt track to highlight, so we said ‘let’s name them all!’…so we did! The indie SoCal band has made a whopping 9 (!!!) appearances on GymJams.club just this year, and each is special in it’s own way. Some were on their own, some were as guest vocalists and musicians, but all were awesome. The band even graciously did a charity release of all their music to support and raise money for victims the Orlando attack over the summer. Let 2017 bring an album, tour, videos, ANYTHING THEY WILL PUT OUT WE WILL LOVE!!!!

Satin Jackets featuring Scavenger Hunt. Feel Good. #GymJam #lift #burn #NewMusicFriday

It’s hard to make an awesome song better, but this blows our minds! Originally released in 2013 by German duo Satin Jackets, it’s been remixed and vocals added. It’s still the same soulful house track that we fell in love with, but even better. The added vocals come from Scavenger Hunt (get to know all about them HERE), who add sultry sexiness to the nu disco track. From Satin Jackets a-freaking-mazing album ‘Panorama Pacifico’, out today!

Scavenger Hunt. Scavenger Mixtape. #GymJam #lift #burn #indie #WCW

Brilliant SoCal pop band Scavenger Hunt return with a mixtape of killer covers of 80’s and 90’s tracks. Having seen them perform a cover of Donna Lewis’ “I Love You Always Forever”, this project makes perfect sense. From 80s hits like “Bette Davis Eyes” and “Tom’s Diner”, to 90s smashes like “Rush Rush”, “King Of Wishful Thinking” and hits by Mariah, Madonna and even a sweet Prince tribute thrown in. The whole tape ends with their spectacular cover of Janet Jackson’s “Love Will Never Do Without You” with Bee’s Knees. The whole project is flawlessly mixed by DJ One Odd Fellow.

The mixtape is available from Loveback. Pay what you want and support some amazing indie artists!

Lenno. Hungry For Your Love. Featuring Scavenger Hunt. #GymJam #burn #indie

Finnish DJ/producer Lenno made magic with our favorite indie band Scavenger Hunt. “Hungry For Your Love” is from Lenno’s 4-track EP ‘All Eyes On Us’. House beats with chilled vocals make this a GymJam that you NEED on your playlist!

Scavenger Hunt. River Runs Dry. #GymJam #lift #indie

Electro-pop Los Angeles indie 4 piece Scavenger Hunt return after a whirldwind year. From touring, recording with Satin Jackets, Bee’s Knees and Lenno, releasing a brilliant 80s/90s mixtape, and releasing a charity set for Orlando, they give us “River Runs Dry”. This haunting electropop jam is sexy, slinky, seductive…and everything you need for your next workout. Can’t wait for their album!

Scavenger Hunt. River Runs Dry. Dan Dan Noodle Remix. #GymJam #lift #burn #indie

A fresh new remix of Scavenger Hunt’s newest track, “River Runs Dry”. The remix adds a bit more bounce to an already great track, so it’s even better for cardio!

Scavenger Hunt. Sweet Talk. #GymJam #burn #lift #indie #NewMusicFriday

Scavenger Hunt are back with a new track that will get the feel-good vibes flowing. “Sweet Talk” follows “River Runs Dry”, one of our Songs Of Summer 2016 tracks, as leads from a forthcoming EP. We CAN NOT WAIT!

Scavenger Hunt. Never Enough. #GymJam #burn #indie #NewMusicFriday

We’ve been overwhelmed (ina good way!) with all the new music Scavenger Hunt has dropped lately. “River Runs Dry” and it’s remix, “Sweet Talk” and now “Never Enough”. Taken from their forthcoming EP “Shapes and Lines”, band that should be on every playlist!

(PS-We think there’s an official video on the way; if posted, we will update with that.)


Scavenger Hunt. Never Enough. Official Video. #GymJam #lift #burn #indie

The official video for Scavenger Hunt’s perfect “Never Enough” has EVERYTHING: a ‘Stranger Things’ intro, triangles, beautiful location, body doubles, glitter eye shadow, and a sunglass montage! The ‘Shapes And Outlines” EP is out November 4th.


If you like it, check out the buy page to get this track, or our stream page to stream from Spotify.