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#Top25Of2016 GymJams #20: How To Dress Well. Lost Youth/Lost You. #GymJam #lift #indie

What We Said Then:

Chicago native Tom Krell is How To Dress Well. His 2014 album ‘What Is This Heart?’ was on many critics and music fans Top 10 lists that year. We’re eagerly awaiting a repeat performance on his upcoming album ‘Care’, out in September. In the meantime, the outstanding “Lost Youth/Lost You” is the lead single, and is available now.

What We Say Now:

After How To Dress Well released the triumphant ‘CARE’ album, he embarked on an intimate tour and released a few more stellar tracks, including “Can’t You Tell” and mesmerizing “They’ll take Everything You Have”. We’re hoping we don’t have to wait so long for his next album, but if we do…it’s worth it.


If you like it, check out the buy page to get this track, or our stream page to stream from Spotify.