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#Top25of2016 GymJams #6: Chris Malinchak. Wonderful. #GymJams #burn #lift

What We Said Then:

The last time we were THIS obsessed with a song just happened to be when we heard “So Good To Me” back in 2013, which just so happens to also be by Chris Malinchak. On “Wonderful”, there’s no better reason to be happy than these simple vibes and exquisite vocals. Out now.

What We Say Now:

Unlike some EDM artists who strive for quantity over quality, each track Chris Malinchak releases is special. It’s only been around about a month, but we’ve put this track on almost all of our Lift and Burn playlists. Soulful vocals, a tropical vibe and a deep house beat? What’s not to love!


If you like it, check out the buy page to get this track, or our stream page to stream from Spotify.