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#Top25of2015 GymJams Countdown #2: NORDE. Every Single Night. #gymjam #burn #lift #indie

What We Said Then:

Swedish singer/songwriter Norde mixes electronic elements with thoughtful lyrics to create an amazing sound. He’s written and produced for other artists, and now working on his own material. Great start!

What We Say Now:

This song is amazing. We first posted in May about what has become a global smash. It’s gotten play on main stages of festivals around the world by superstars of the dance music community. In November the official video for “Every Single Night” debuted. The unique visuals made an impressive song even better. One listen and you’ll know why this was #1 on the Songs Of The Summer 2105 list. 2016 will be Norde’s year!


If you like it, check out the buy page to get this track, or our stream page to stream from Spotify.