#Top25of2015 GymJams #14: RAC. Can’t Forget You. Featuring Chelsea Lankes. #gymjam #burn

What We Said Then:

RAC saved his best once-a-month single release for last song of the summer with “Can’t Forget You”. Featuring cool vocals by indie pop singer Chelsea Lankes, this fun, festive and upbeat track will propel you through the last few workouts of summer…and beyond!

What We Say Now:

If you read us or follow us, you know we heart recent Grammy nominee RAC. “Let Go” was our first posted GymJam! We’ve seen RAC live 6 times, and have everything Andre and company release. Yeah, we’re kinda superfans. As the official unofficial house band for us, we rely on that awesome indiepop that RAC creates (either as original music or skillfully remixed interpretations of other artists soon-to-be-hits) to get us through the gym, the day, the life.

RAC’s been featured countless times here. From our #3forFrday posts to his recent singles-only releases for “Back Of The Car”, “Can’t Forget You”, “3am” and the awesome “One House”, you can count on quality music from a truly independent artist.


If you like it, check out the buy page to get this track, or our stream page to stream from Spotify.